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Have you ever wanted to make your text look super cool and different?

The Zalgo Glitch Text Generator can help you do just that.

Our tool turns your normal text into glitch text that looks all weird and spooky.

Zalgo text has become popular because it looks like it’s been messed up or corrupted, adding a creepy vibe to your words. People love using it in memes, horror stories, or just to add a bit of chaos to their messages.

Our Zalgo Glitch Text Generator is really easy to use. You can adjust how glitchy you want your text to be and see the changes instantly.

What is Zalgo Text?

Zalgo text is a type of glitch text that looks spooky and messed up. It’s made by adding lots of extra characters to your normal letters, making them look all jumbled and chaotic. The name “Zalgo” comes from an old internet meme about a creepy character that causes everything to go crazy.


Zalgo text started in online horror stories and memes. People used it to add a creepy effect to their posts, making the text look like it’s been corrupted or possessed.

Cultural Significance and Popular Use Cases

Zalgo text is popular because it looks cool and eerie. It’s used a lot in memes to make them stand out, in games for unique usernames, and in digital art to add a spooky touch. Here are some common uses:

  • Memes: Adding a dramatic, spooky twist to your memes.
  • Usernames: Making your gaming or social media names look unique.
  • Digital Art: Giving your artwork a creepy, corrupted text effect.
  • Pranks: Sending weird, distorted messages to friends for fun.

Features of the Zalgo Glitch Text Generator

You can decide how glitchy you want your text to look. Whether you want just a little bit of weirdness or complete chaos, our tool lets you adjust the intensity to get the perfect effect.

As you type, you’ll see your text transform instantly. This real-time feature makes it super easy to see and adjust your glitchy text until it looks just right.

How to Use the Zalgo Glitch Text Generator?

  • Enter Your Text: Start by typing or pasting your text into the input box.
  • View the Result: As you adjust the slider, you’ll see your text transform in real-time.
  • Copy Your Glitch Text: Once you’re happy with the result, click the “Copy” button to easily copy the glitch text to your clipboard.
  • Use Your Text: Paste your glitchy text anywhere you want – in social media posts, usernames, or messages.
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